Generate swiper content

This function allows us to dynamically enter information and modify controls within a swiper.

Data : For this variable, you must send your object with the records you will use to generate your swiper. This variable is mandatory; if no data is received, your list will be rendered blank.

Example :

Swiper generation instruction :

When you click on this button, the window will appear where you can configure different categories of your swiper, which are:

  1. "List settings"

  2. "List data"

  3. "List items functions"

We will provide a detailed explanation of the previously mentioned categories below:

In the 'List settings' category, you can modify the following settings for your swiper:

'Order by': This setting allows you to sort your records in alphabetical order. To make this setting effective, you must activate the switch and enter the name of one of the properties in your records by which you want them to be sorted.

"Select container list": In this setting, you must indicate which container will render your swiper and contain the template of the controls that will be displayed for each record entered in the "list data" variable. A yellow border will indicate which container you have selected.

In the "List data" category, you can select a control to modify its properties (like in "Modify control"), where you can send the values you consider necessary to modify your control when your swiper is rendered. Remember that within the "entry options", a new category called "ListContext" is enabled, where you can display the ID of the corresponding record, select the "All item" option and send the entire object of your record without the ID to your input variable, or you can enter the property name into the input variable to bring the value of that property. A yellow border will be shown on the selected control to identify it.

In the "List items functions" category, you can select a control and add an event to execute functions while the list is being generated or after it has been generated. The selected control will be highlighted with a yellow border to identify which one is currently selected.

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