They are the properties that all or most functions have in common.


This element allows us to drag the functions to change their position and from this handles change the logic of the functions, you can change the position of the functions inside and outside the callbacks


It allows adding a specific name to the functions to better identify the functions, it is highly recommended to use them so as not to lose sight of the position of the controls, especially when they are quite complex logics

Entry vars

When selected, it shows the parameters that a function needs so that it properly executes its work.

Not available in all features


When selected, it shows all the possible responses that a function can trigger after executing its process, usually they are success and error responses.

Not available in all features

Copy function

Allows you to copy the functions within other events of the same or another control, within function callbacks and even in other events and function callbacks of another screen that are within the same project

Delete function

Allows to remove the functions, when removing a function, all the functions that are inside its callbacks will also be removed


Allows you to expand or collapse the information (functions) of the functions

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