Params (WebApps)

Params allow us to execute App Processes through a URL which can send information to our process input. A very common use case is for sharing referral links or specific posts within our app.

This process is only available for web apps, not to be confused with deep links.

Function alias: The function alias is a short and easy-to-remember name that we use to call our app processes through the URL.

example : PromoCode50

url :

Function params: Function path: Here we define the path order that will be concatenated to our web app domain in order to execute and receive information from our process inputs. To refer to a process input, we must prefix it with ":" followed by the process input name as declared in our app process.

example : :cuponeCode

url :

Remember that in the URL, you must put the value to be sent to your process input, not the name you declared

You can add more process inputs to your path by placing a "/" between each of them.

example : :cuponeCode/:date

url :

To have a better syntax in your URL, you can add sub-paths. These sub-paths do not have any value; they only help you have a better reading and understanding in your URL.

example : :cuponeCode/date/:date

url :

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