Work with containers

Container Layout Designs

The container is one of the most important controls because it can help you sort your content and create great layouts.

You can add any other control inside a container, even other containers

Splitting the containers

You can split the container into different columns with different percentages in each. To split a container, you must select it and in the data tab select the number of columns you want or add the percentages manually, remember that these percentages must add up to 100

Align elements within a container

All controls inside a container have the same alignment and direction, you can change the alignment with the alignment controls at the top and left of the screen view, to change the alignment you need to select any control inside the container. container

If you selected the offset option on the control, you cannot change the alignment

You can also change the direction of the controls, to change the direction you need to select the container and then click on the style tab:

Multiple alignments and directions using containers.

As we saw before, containers can have only one direction and alignment, and sometimes it is necessary to add elements in more than one direction, to make it possible, you can add a container inside a container to change the direction:

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