Error code: 04

If you got here because of a compiler error, don't worry! We have prepared this documentation to help you solve your problem; Just follow the steps below:

This particular error is due to issues with the Service Account used in the compilation process; the Apphive system will automatically delete the previous Service Account you had so that you can upload a new one.

To solve the problem, follow the steps indicated below:

Step 1: Delete any Service Accounts you have created in your Google Cloud, then create a new Service Account and upload it to compile again. To delete the Service Accounts, you can follow the instructions explained in this video:

Compile again, if the compilation processes successfully, the problem has been resolved. If it returns an error or presents another issue during the key deletion process, proceed to the next step.

Step support: Contact support via the editor's chat or at the following phone number, sending a message with the following information:

1.-Contact E-Mail

2.-URL to the application with error

3.-Error code sent to email (Include email capture)

4.-Indicate the previous actions that have been carried out before sending the message (Mention if the steps of a particular Post were followed)

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