Log In with Facebook after publishing

1.- Go to https://developers.facebook.com/ and click on My apps

2.-Click on the name of your project on Facebook for developers.

3.- Select the Settings option and click on Basic.

4.- Go to https://play.google.com/console/u/1/developers and select your project

5.- Select your app.

6.- Click Settings and click App Signing.

7.Click the copy icon under SHA‑1 Certificate Thumbprint.

8.- Go to https://hash-facebook.apphive.io/ 40 and paste the Fingerprint of the SHA‑1 certificate and click SEND.

9.- Copy the key hash.

10.- Paste the key Hash in Key hashes in Facebook for developers select the key that appears in the blue box and click Save changes.

11.- Add "YOUR" email in the Contact Email section, Paste "YOUR" URL of the Privacy Policy, select a category and click on the add icon of the app.

12.- Click on Choose file

13.- Select the icon of your app must be a JPG, GIF or PNG file. The image size must be between 512 x 512 and 1024 x 1024 pixels. The file size limit is 5 MB.

14.- Click on Save changes.

15.- Click on the Under Development Switch.

16.- Click on Change mode.

17.- It will change to published mode, click on the + icon in PRODUCTS

18.- Select Login with Facebook and click on Configure.

19.- Select Android

20.- Click Next.

21.- Click Next.

22.- Click on Save.

23.- Click on Save and Continue.

24.- Activate the Switch to Yes, click on Save and click on the Next button.

25.- Click Next.

26.- Click Next.

27.- Click Next.

28.- Click Next.

29.- Click on Settings

30.- Click on Authentication in your Firebase project.

31.- Click on Sign-in method and click on Facebook.

32.- Click on the Copy icon.

33.- Paste in valid OAuth redirection URIs, select the option in the blue box and click Save.

You can follow the complete guide to publish your app on the Play Store at the following link: Step by step to publish your app on the Play Store

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