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An "App process" is a set of functions that aims to perform a specific task created by the user.

The main objective of App Processes is to create a new function by using functions available in the editor. This new function is often a block of functions that repeats constantly in your logic.

How to create an app process?

What is a Process Input?

A "Process Input" in an App Process is a variable that is used to receive data or information from outside of it.

When an App Process is called, one or more process inputs can be passed as arguments. These variables can be used within the App Process to perform calculations, operations or any other type of task that is necessary for its functions.

For example, if there is a function that calculates the area of a circle, input variables can be used to pass the value of the circle's radius to the function so that it can perform the area calculation using that information. Process input variables are an important way to make functions more flexible and reusable, as they allow different values to be passed to the function each time it is called, allowing the function to adapt to different situations and data.

what is a process callback?

Process callbacks are output variables in an App Process. You can declare as many as you need for your App Process and they help you to have different types of responses, allowing you to execute functions synchronously depending on these callbacks. Additionally, they are necessary to signal the App Process that you have completed your process and return information or simply produce an output.

Example of using an App Process

To obtaining geocoding through a 'get geolocation' involves using the 'get geolocation' function and subsequently sending the latitude and longitude to the geocoding. Through an App Process, it is possible to obtain the desired result in a single function.

Step 1.- Identify the block of functions that you frequently repeat in your logic.

Step 2.- Copy your block of functions inside your App Process and don't forget to include Process Callbacks on each output, whether it is an error or a success, along with their corresponding responses.

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