A control to preview screens with arrows. Swipe action triggering can be configured.

🎨 Styles

  • Appearance

    • Background color: select the background color using the color picker.

  • Dimensions

    • Width: set how wide the swiper element is using.

    • Height: set how tall the swiper element is using.


  • Generic properties

    • Control name: you can add a name to the swipe element this could be the way to identify this element about another elements.

    • Enable skeleton loaders: this tool provides an indication to the user that something is coming but not yet available on the swipe element.

    • Control is hidden: hide the swipe element from the screen.

  • Specific Properties

    • Show arrow buttons: add arrows for the swiper directions

    • Loop infinite: An infinite loop, as the name suggests, is a loop that will keep running forever in the swiper.

    • Views of swipe: add or minus screens to the swiper elements

👆 Events

  • On press: the on press event provide the capability to capture tapping gestures and display feedback when this gesture is recognized.

  • On end reached: called when all rows have been rendered and the list has been scrolled until the end of the element content.

  • Focus

  • Value

📝 Writable Properties

  • Current index

  • Style align item

  • Style background