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Delete Database Data

Function to delete data from database
The Delete database data is a function on the Cloud Database group, this function allows you to delete specific records on the database or the hole collection

Entry vars

  • Database path to delete. Allows you to open the database editor to select the collection or data to delete
  • Should update db cache. If a cache was added in any cloud database query, activating this option will also update that cache.
If you don't set any specific data index all the data in the collection will be deleted


  • Error deleting data. This callback is called when for some reason it is not possible to delete the data from the database
    • The output variable will be the reason why the data could not be deleted
  • Data deleted. This is called once the database record (s) have been deleted successfully.


Deleting a full collection

In this example we deleted all the products in the database when the page loads

Deleting a single record

To delete a single record you must have the id of the record you want to delete, in this example we have a product detail and you have the product id as a "Page context data"