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Border Width

The border-width property defines the width of the specified border in pixels.

Border Width Options

Shows 3 main options for using the Broder Width
  1. 1.
    Border Width
  2. 2.
    Border color
  3. 3.
    Boder style

Border Width

From this control the width (in pixels) of the component's borders is managed. The upper border, lower border, left lateral border and right lateral border are managed.
All the borders that have the blue callsign indicate that they will always have the same border value, so if you want to assign different values, you only have to click on the callsign that you want to assign a different value to the others. Thus its values ​​will be independent of the other values.

Border color

Changes the color of the border, showing 5 options for color assignment see color properties. This border color applies to all borders without exception.

Border style

Shows three types of borders that are assigned to the component's border, this border style applies to all borders without exception
Nombre tipo
consecutive line
Dotted line
segmented line
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