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Border Radius

The border-radius property allows developers to define how rounded the corners of their component will be.

Opciones de Border Radius

From this option we can choose how rounded we want the corners of our component to look. 4 borders marked 0 are shown, which are the default values ​​of each component. Rounded edges take the value of the border radius and from the component's corners go down and to the right (upper left corner), to the left and down (upper right corner), up and to the left (lower right corner), and up and down. top and right (lower left corner). once the pixels are traversed (border radius value) they create a curve to make the edges rounded.
edges with corners
semi rounded edges
Fully rounded edge
For the edges to be completely rounded, we must assign the value equivalent to half the length of the sides (the image in the previous table has dimensions of 230 long x 135 high). That said, depending on the measurements of the component it will be given an oval, semi-oval or circular appearance.
All the borders that have the blue callsign indicate that they will always have the same border value, so if you want to assign different values, you only have to click on the callsign that you want to assign a different value to the others. Thus its values ​​will be independent of the other values.
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