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Background color

Background color is a property that defines the background color of an element, it can be the value of a color or "transparent".

Background Color Options

Shows 5 Background color options to assign a style to the selected element
  1. 1.
    Custom color palette
  2. 2.
    transparent container
  3. 3.
    primary color
  4. 4.
    secondary color
  5. 5.
    black scale

Custom color palette

You open a range of colors in which you can select the one of your preference to make contrasts with the primary and secondary colors.
You can select the color directly from the color scale screen by adjusting the main color bar
and selecting the scale in color intensity in the luminosity scale
You also have the option of being able to enter the color code if you already have a color standard, the formats you can choose from are: RGB, HSL and HEX

Transparent Container

By selecting this option you make the body of the selected element not have a solid body color, this will make the color of the element directly behind it stand out against the element in question.

Primary Color, Secondary Color, and Black Scale

Shows a color scale that becomes more intense as its scale increases
Likewise, a Slider is shown that helps us to establish how opaque the color is going to be seen, which goes from the value 0 (transparent) to the value 1 (solid color).
This Opacity element can only be used with the colors: primary, secondary and black scale